11. mája 2016
Expert consulting and methodology made in Germany: Ingenics Corporation Atlanta celebrates ten years

A decade in the USA – a major success story
Ingenics Corporation Atlanta, a member of the Ingenics Group, is currently experiencing a period of dynamic growth. This year, the Atlanta office is celebrating its successes leading up to this celebration of the ten year anniversary. When Ingenics CEO Professor Oliver Herkommer established the first North American office, he was convinced that this action would be an important step to continue the development of a business with a world wide presence. “Of course, Atlanta in 2006 was a significant milestone in the history of Ingenics as it evolved into an international consultancy”, says Professor Herkommer. Since 2006, Ingenics Corporation Atlanta, a legally independent entitiy, has demonstrated impressive growth. Starting with 4 people in the original office, today there are over 60. Revenue has also continued to increase in line with the growth in employment.

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10. decembra 2015
Optimizing assembly in the context of industry 4.0
Solutions for a new level of quality in human-robot collaboration at Audi
The optimized use of robotic systems is set to play an increasingly important role with respect to Industry 4.0. In order to achieve maximum efficiency in assembly, robots and people will have to work together much more closely than was and is the case in traditional factories.  In Ingolstadt, Audi and Ingenics are working intensively to create new solutions in human-robot collaboration (HRC).
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20. mája 2015
Germany’s best business consultants for 2015

Germany’s best business consultants for 2015 – including the Ingenics AG – were recently honored by magazine publishers from “brand eins Wissen” and “Statista”. Here, roughly 15,000 consultancies with expertise in operations management were evaluated. And Ingenics received the best rating of all - being awarded three stars (from three possible).

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